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Who We Are
Who We Are
Cambridge International Education Academy

Welcome to our Cambridge/Boston HQ, strategically located amidst prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our distinguished team comprises Harvard alumni and former admissions officers, bringing unparalleled expertise into American higher education. With our first-hand admissions insights, we provide a unique vantage point into the realm of higher education in the United States.

JL proudly holds a range of esteemed international accreditations, including NACAC and ICEF. As an active participant in the IECA Taiwan Study Abroad Service Business Association and ST Network, we align ourselves with organizations dedicated to excellence in the field of education. These affiliations reflect our commitment to global standards. Our collaborative ventures extend to valued partners such as Samebest CO., LTD, and KidCastle Daye School. These partnerships enrich our access to a wide spectrum of educational resources, enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive services.

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US Study Tours

(Summer Camps, Summer Programs, Summer Schools)

Study Abroad

(High School Studies, Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, Ph.D. Applications and Consulting Services)

Guardianship Services

(Legal Guardianship &
Academic Tutoring)

Language Courses & Test Prep


US Elementary School Immersion

(After-School Immersion Programs)

Overseas Investment & Immigration

(Property Investment for Education)

Admissions Consulting
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