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JL Cambridge International

JL Cambridge International, Inc.

Established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to Harvard University, JL was founded by Dr. Qin, a Harvard SEAS alum who won a gold medal at the 21st Asian Physics Olympiad and graduated first in his class for undergraduate studies at Tsinghua University, Department of Electronics. He leads the team composed of alumni, graduate students, and faculty members from the top 50 universities in the United States.

JL was founded on a firm belief -A heartfelt desire for learning

and a deep sense of responsibility towards society and future generations. At JL, we believe in the transformative power of education to shape a brighter future. We are committed not only to advancing evidence-based research but also to sharing our knowledge and values with a broader audience.


由於教育資源不均與優質教育機會的稀缺性對社會帶來的巨大分歧,於是,JL 團隊決心創造一個平台,為全世界的年輕一代提供卓越的教育資源和機會。秉承著這樣的信念,聯合頂尖大學的畢業校友、碩博士生以及教職員,形成了一支強大的教育團隊。

獨立思考 x 創新精神 x 全球視野

JL Cambridge International, Inc. 也注重學科知識的傳授,並著重於培養學生的獨立思考能力、創新精神及全球視野。他們相信,真正的教育應該引導學生深入思考,勇於探索,充滿好奇,並在學術追求中體驗到快樂和成就感。

  • 1999
    Kid Castle established
  • 2009
    JL summer camp began
  • 2013
    JL Cambridge established
  • 2015
    JL Harvard summer program began
  • 2015
    JL Taoyuan branch established
  • 2017
    Hong Kong & Shanghai branch established
  • 2017
    Headquarter expansion

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#02Our Vision


#03Our Culture

With a value of teamwork, we share and manage with care

#04Honors, International Reports

來自龍文教育主席Mr. Yang Yong的第一筆天使投資
2017 ⸺ 2019
連續三年Ctrip, Inc.海外教育計畫金牌
2019 ⸺ 至今

#05Our Partners
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
21st Century English Education
Everwin Law Office
South East Travel Service Co., Ltd.
American Leadership Academy
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Chongqing No.1 Secondary School
Shenzhen Springfield Kindergarten
Wenzhou Daily Newspaper Group