I am a career woman who left campus life behind years ago, yet with the help of JL, I surprisingly received admissions from both Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School!

As I got older, I started to feel uncertain about my future plans. My concerns were about more than just my past academic shortcomings but also the transformation of industries. However, after an initial consultation with JL's mentors, they pointed out my advantage lay in my rich professional experience. I had advanced from an insurance salesperson at Huaxia Life to the Director for the Europe and America regions at Bigo Tech, then was headhunted by a Singaporean company to become the Marketing Director, successfully leading my team to penetrate markets in Thailand, Indonesia, India, and the Middle East. Working with the consulting team to sort through these experiences, I gradually discovered my own strengths. The JL consultants told me that enduring the pressure of market competition and the need to keenly observe fashion and trend developments could form an exceptional direction for my application strategy.

JL's application mentors then extracted several crucial moments from my life story and communicated in detail with my recommenders, perfectly integrating my personal background into the application materials, essays, and letters of recommendation. With the assistance of JL mentors, I was thrilled to receive admission offers from both Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School!

My past academic challenges were not a hindrance, thanks to the guidance of JL mentors. They helped me present myself as a smart and experienced professional woman during the school interviews. In a detailed conversation with the admissions officers, I was able to explain the reasons behind my previous academic performance and highlight my achievements in the professional world, all under the guidance of JL mentors.

Sometimes, a weakness doesn't necessarily determine the outcome of an application. Having a mentor to guide us is extremely important. I am especially grateful for the professional advice from JL mentors. I highly regard and recommend the professional JL application team!