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JL Cambridge 


With Us, With The World

About JL Cambridge 


We are a group of professionals graduating from Harvard University, MIT, Brandeis University, Boston University, Northeastern and other universities in Greater Boston Area. Our staff members come from different countries, bringing together both diversity and global visions.  We fully understand each student’s expectation and we aim at helping students fulfill not only academic goals but also career development. 

Our purpose is to provide rewarding educational experiences at the world’s best universities, fully utilizing US’s best teaching and educational resources. Our students are fully immersed in the IVY league environment and learn at the world’s best universities.


Greeting from the Board

Whenever I see our students’ soft smiles and hear their lovely greetings, I know what they are expecting to learn at our school. I always ask myself what kind of education I can provide to the youth. For our pedagogical ideology, we believe that knowledge is the power of the future, but beyond that, we also believe that moral education is key to establishing the most important part of one’s personality. Our team believes that we can inspire our students with love and heart. We show our students a positive view of life and our students understand how to respect others and how to love themselves and others. We teach our students how to be thankful and to give back, which is an essential part of our education.

We have strictly followed our pedagogical ideology for over 20 years. I see most of our students grow up with healthy, balanced lifestyles and achieve outstanding accomplishments worldwide. I am so proud of them for they not only continue to pursue their dreams but also are willing to help younger students, by sharing their experiences of study at the world’s top universities and encouraging the young students to embrace different cultures, jump out of comfort zones, and improve their competitiveness from a worldwide perspective. I strongly believe that JL Cambridge International is the place that take our students to their dreams. I hope that you will take time to learn about our remarkable team and consider joining us at JL Cambridge International.

Board of Director

Joyce Chang-Lee



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