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High School 


Start your brand new journey with JL

Customized application plan

Fully customize the application plan for every student according to their need, background and characteristics. Construct unique paperwork based on in-depth interviews for each and every student

Top ranked education resource

Massachusetts has the best private high schools in US. The overall education quality is better than the schools in other area.

Geographic advantage

JL kept close contact with a lot of private schools in the New England area since the HQ is located in Boston. JL also built a long term cooperative relationship with the admission office of these schools. This would later become our student’s advantage in their application.

Partner Schools/Admitted Schools
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Professional Interview Training

American High Schools tend to know their applicants through interviews, therefore, JL would guide our students to perform their best during the interview process, using their own unique experience.

High School Guardianship

Mentors of JL know the problems and difficulties students would encounter during their studying abroad time, and have already prepared solutions!

Life Coordination
Pre-Departure Guidance

Transfer flights, Custom Q&A, Airport pick-up & drop-off, help students familiarize with surroundings (including traffic and community safety information 

Academic Supervision
Academic Supervision

Every student will be assigned an academic supervisor to communicate with school instructor and and report to parents regarding the student's academic performance regularly. 

Regular Home-Stay Visit

Every host family that JL arranged for our student was carefully interviewed. We choose the most suitable home-stay based on our students' habits and personalities. JL will also visit our host families routinely to ensure the well-being of our students.

Academic Advising

JL will provide advices based on the student's situation, and choose their reading materials accordingly. JL will also provide background enhancement programs to make our students more competitive in college application.

​Daily-Life Assistance

JL will help our students to open bank accounts, phone accounts, and move. JL will also serve as our student's emergency contact.

1 on 1 Academic Tutoring

JL offers academic tutoring for the students in need, helping them improve their grades. Our experienced instructors all come from local public/private high schools.

Social Events

JL will hold parties for our students regularly, to help them familiarize the American culture, and make new friends!

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