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Elites and Exclusive

Recommendatory and Certificate

Professional and Safe

Diversified and Inspired

Immersive and Multi-Angled

Cultivation and Leadership

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Study Tour

Study Tour

☆ Learning at world's best school
☆ Harvard, MIT, and other Top 40 universities' mentors
☆ Guide by experts from Harvard and MIT
☆ Consult with worlds'  best university's admission officers

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

☆ JL Harvard Team
☆ Consultants from Top 50 universities
☆ IVY League 1VS1 Application Service
☆ Customized academic plan
☆ From Middle school, High school, College, Graduate school to Doctoral Degree and Ph.D

English Camp

English Camp

☆ Theme Camp
☆ Professional Foreign Instructors
☆ Diversified and Well-Developed Curriculum
☆ Inspire kids' imagination to fully utilize their creativity
☆ Explore new things and broaden kids' vision

English Classes

English Classes

☆ Professional ESL 
☆ Small class
☆ Experienced instructors(from world's elite universities)
☆ Learning from life
☆ Situational approach & fully language immersion

About Us

About JL

  We are a group of professionals associate with Harvard, MIT, Northeastern and other Boston area universities.  Our Staffs come from different countries all around the world.  This creates the cultural diversities and strengthens the global visions of JL Cambridge.  From our past experiences, we fully understand each student' expectation and know how to help our students fulfill not only their academic goals, but their life goals. 
      Our purpose is to providing rewarding educational experience at world' s best universities.  The experience will fully utilize Harvard's teaching and educational resources.  Students will be completely immersed in the IVY league environment and learn at the world's best universities.


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